Winter Wellness
Essential Oils Workshop

with Holly Shimizu

January 27, 2019

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2019 Tree Printing workshop
Between recent windy weather and early pruning season, you may have limbs, branches, logs and stumps in your yard. Have you ever looked closely at the cross section of a tree? Join Dan Scott, Associate Director of Horticulture and River Farm, in a workshop about tree rings. Beyond revealing its age, a tree's rings can share information about its life, growth, and demise; the shape, pattern, color, and irregularities of each distinct 'woody footprint' are markers by a tree's history and experience.

Inspired by the works of Bryan Nash Gill, attendees will learn the art of wood printing - a form of relief printing which makes an impression of the raised grain of the wood. Learn the technique and then experiment with different wood types collected at River Farm. Take home your masterpiece, suitable for framing and instructions with a materials list to continue to practice documenting nature at home.
Saturday, April 06, 2019
Attendees: 1 $ 75.00 ea.

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