The ordering deadline for our 2018 Seed Exchange has passed. To those who ordered seeds, thank you for participating in the AHS member benefit and happy growing!  

Many thanks to all our 2018 seed donors!


Pat Abramson, Alice Allison, Rosco Bergdoll, Pam Brown, Katie Burney, Linda Carpenter, Gayle Chatfield, Laura Child, Richard Criley, Barry Cyphers, Stevie Daniels, William Denton, Susan Doblmaier, David Driver, Christopher Duncan, Jacki Finzel, Marge Fuchs, Gisela Grayson, Kelly Hart, Margaret Hedstrom, Charles Heidgen, Wendy Henrichs, Lynn Hoffman, Linda Holmes, Cathy Jarosz, George Johns, Suzanne Keller, Rose M Lacasse, Olga Martynova, Susan Maslar, Edward Munns Jr., Marlene Ostertag, Lynn Pappas, Duane Partain, Carol Pulin, Kathryn Reeves, W. Louise Rennecker, Kathlene J. Roberts, Crystal Rogers, Paula Roos, Nadine Smith, Sarah Stone, Terri Thompson, Victoria Villwock, John Weimer, Karen Wheet, Paula Whitlock, Ella May Wulff, Wayne A. Yoder, Judith A. Youngblood, Michelle Zupan


F.W. Schumacher Co., Inc., Lake Valley Seeds, Renee's Garden